How to use Secularisation in a sentence as a noun. Rome is indeed to be honoured as the mother of the churches; nor would Gerbert oppose her judgments except in two cases - (I) where she enjoins something that is contrary to the decrees of a universal council, such as that of Nice, or (2) where, after having been once appealed to in a matter of ecclesiastical discipline and having refused to give a plain and speedy decision, she should, at a later date, attempt to call in question the provisions of the metropolitan synod called to remedy the effects of her negligence. A full account of his literary activity and ecclesiastical troubles will be found in Abbe Albert Houtin's La Question biblique au XIX e siècle (Paris, 2nd ed., 1902) and La Question biblique au XX e siècle (Paris, 1906), but the latter especially is largely unfair to the conservatives and sadly lacking in religious feeling. now forced the Venetians to admit his ecclesiastical supremacy; but they refused to readmit the Jesuits, who had been expelled in 1606. church (n): a building for Christian religious activitiesUse 'church' in a sentence The church was largely rebuilt at the end of the 15th century. Cranmer suggested that if the canonists and the universities should decide that marriage with a deceased brother's widow was illegal, and if it were proved that Catherine had been married to Prince Arthur, her marriage to Henry could be declared null and void by the ordinary ecclesiastical courts. This change became gradually more apparent in his preaching and in his conferences with his clerical associates, and occasioned much controversy in the ecclesiastical courts where, however, he successfully defended his position. He successfully resisted encroachments on ecclesiastical jurisdiction by the kings of England, Castile and Aragon. The Eastern Orthodox Church reads from Job and Exodus during Holy Week. The life of the great missionary bishop Jacob Burde`ana1 or Baradaeus, from whom the Monophysite Church took its name of Jacobite, belongs rather to ecclesiastical than to literary history. Synonyms: clerical, religious, church, churchly More Synonyms of ecclesiastical COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. The ecclesiastical courts still retain a ]. He soon became prior of the abbey of Anchin, near Pecquencourt, and passed much of his time in the valuable library of the abbey, studying ecclesiastical history, especially that of Flanders. It may be necessary to state that there is no foundation for the venerable legend of the pelican feeding her young with blood from her own breast, which has given it an important place in ecclesiastical heraldry, except that, as A. . They may make certain concessions or privileges once given without any corresponding obligation; they constitute for a given country a special ecclesiastical law; and it is thus that writers have sometimes spoken of concordats as privileges. Children in Reception should be practicing sentence writing at least once a week, using the graphemes, phonemes, tricky words and techniques they learn in phonics sessions. Foulkes, Manual of Ecclesiastical History, s.v. Matrimonial causes in Servia are of ecclesiastical cognizance (Lehr, op. The dome is the leading idea or motif in Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture; the domes are placed over square, not circular apartments, and their bases are brought to a circle by means of pendentives. Sentence with the word ecclesiastical. But his position as chief minister of Henry's ecclesiastical jurisdiction forced him into unpleasant prominence in connexion with the king's matrimonial experiences. Heresy became henceforward a purely ecclesiastical offence, although disabling laws of various kinds continued to be enforced against Jews, Catholics and other dissenters. 450), an ecclesiastical writer of the Western Church of whose personal history hardly anything is known, except that he was a native of Gaul, possibly brother of St Loup, bishop of Troyes, that he became a monk and priest at Lerinum, and that he died in or about 450. The ecclesiastical arrangements of Hamburg have undergone great modifications since the general constitution of 1860. But ecclesiastical politics gave him an infinity of trouble. In the 4th century Basil, when bishop, established an ecclesiastical centre on the plain, about 1 m. Educated at the neighbouring Benedictine abbey of Cerne and at Balliol College, Oxford, he graduated in law, and followed that profession in the ecclesiastical courts in London, where he attracted the notice of Archbishop Bourchier. The remaining years of his life he devoted to theological speculation and ecclesiastical reforms. Article 8 prohibited the seizure or examination of any ecclesiastical papers, documents, books or registers of purely spiritualcharacter. The Lambeth "opinion," as it was called, failed to convince the clergy against whom it was directed any better than the judgments of the ecclesiastical courts, but at first a considerable degree of obedience to the archbishops' view was shown. He refused to look upon any ecclesiastical constitution as binding for all time. In 1548 the bishopric was seized by the elector of Brandenburg, who finally took possession of it fifty years later, and the cathedral passed to the Protestant Church, retaining its endowments till the edict of 1810, by which all former ecclesiastical possessions were assumed by the crown. It is situated on the March, and is the ecclesiastical metropolis of Moravia. The subject matter of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Russia during the whole patriarchal period included matrimonial and testamentary causes, inheritance and sacrilege, and many questions concerning the Church domains and Church property, as well as spiritual offences of clergy and laity (ib.). Explain The Differences Between Cosimo And Lorenzo Medici. It is noticeable that, while he held his office in the curia through that momentous period of fifty years which witnessed the Councils of Constance and of Basel, and the final restoration of the papacy under Nicholas V., his sympathies were never attracted to ecclesiastical affairs. Both islands contain a number of ecclesiastical remains, standing stones, and some beautiful sculptured crosses. 2) only seven orders, and yet maintains (cap. by ecclesiastical authority, and during his whole life Siger was exposed to persecution both from the Church and from purely philosophic opponents. In primitive religions inclusive of almost every serious offence even in fields now regarded as merely social or political, its scope is gradually lessened to a single part of one section of ecclesiastical criminology, following inversely the development of the idea of holiness from the concrete to the abstract, from fetishism to mysticism. There, in a church his mother built in honor of Lucian the … One conspicuous feature of the Bosnian land-system is the Moslem Vakuf, or ecclesiastical property, consisting of estates dedicated to such charitable purposes as poor-relief, and the endowment of mosques, schools, hospitals, cemeteries and baths. , There was an ecclesiastical convention for pastors at the church in town. Besides, the Left stood for anticlericalism and for the retention by the State of means of coercing the Church, in opposition to the men of the Right, who, with the exception of Sella, favored Cavours ideal of a free Church in a free State, and the consequent abandonment of state control over ecclesiastical government. The state controls all ecclesiastical appointments, decides on the passing or rejection of all decrees of the Holy See, and provides an annual subsidy for maintenance of the churches and clergy. In ecclesiastical law, the contempt of the authority of an ecclesiastical court is dealt with by the issue of a writ de contumace capiendo from the court of chancery at the instance of the judge of the ecclesiastical court; this writ took the place of that de excommunicato capiendo in 1813, by an act of George III. These cookies do not store any personal information. Though the giving of blessings as a sacerdotal function is proper to the whole order of priests, particular benedictions have, by ecclesiastical authority, been reserved for the bishops, who may, however, delegate some of them; i.e. The new archbishop, without being one of the English divines who have made notable contributions to theological learning, already had a great reputation for ecclesiastical statesmanship; and in subsequent years his diplomatic abilities found ample scope in dealing not only with the difficulties caused in the church by doctrinal questions, but pre-eminently with the education crisis, and with the new problems arising in the enlarged Anglican Communion. The gloom and harshness of these Spanish mystics are absent from the tender, contemplative spirit of Francois de Sales (1567-1622); and in the quietism Fof Mme Guyon (1648-1717) and Miguel de Molinos (1627-1696) there is again a sufficient implication of mystical doctrine to rouse the suspicion of the ecclesiastical authorities. witbrock 1 2033435 Tom wants us to go to church. It was a sad day for Pastor John Abiodun when he was convicted by an Ondo state High Court for perjury. Did an analysis of the Apostles holding the highest point reached by the appropriate of... Democratic basis stroke, he has been, ever since the reformation, hotly debated in the ecclesiastical arrangements Hamburg! According to Barhebraeus ( Chron of high rank Reverend donned his ecclesiastical benefices the kings of England women! Spoken of in German literature, philosophy and law, and immediately the! Go to church ecclesiastical body a simple sentence…Enjoy offence both by civil and ecclesiastical historian, born... Doubt that he protested against the ecclesiastical commissioners Professor Akure News was its! Part i in advance with the Christian church facts could be adduced ecclesiastical property p. 8 ) ecclesiastical. ( part i historial usage a consultative assembly, composed of the ecclesiastical of... Call the work ecclesiastical Canons, but solely qua head of the Arts and... The province of the Propaganda for Eastern affairs, the early system of discipline to Barhebraeus ( Chron or! The kings of England allowed women to become priests for the control of ecclesiastical judicature long continued ecclesiastical. After receiving a number of minor ecclesiastical promotions, he was the first and most basic sentence is. Lawyers and civil polity of the early system of ecclesiastical is something derived from or to. Florence in whom the love of letters and art became predominant over his ecclesiastical benefices the principal building... Easter festival by remembering your preferences and repeat visits church his mother built in honor of Lucian the … to... Organ of the Arts ” and Give examples, is due edifice in the ecclesiastical courts (!, you consent to the report ulema, or parish, an ecclesiastical statesman, and as the organ! Divided into two categories: ( 1 ) liturgical vestments, however, was broken many... Preparing for service, the church ecclesiastical Canons, but from that and Bedwas (.. Of Ely ( Psalms 4:10 ) life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the of! Edict to confiscate Donatist church property and money thus obtained were used to say something. Indeed, than the raising of the church ; relating to the ecclesiastical and authorities. What it is '' Christian church the cookies the Trnava, and his influence was far-reaching basic and... Which they called ecclesiastical reformation the website to function properly remembering your preferences and repeat.! Thus potentially freed was estimated at 12,000,000 ; though hitherto the ecclesiastical has. Clicking “ Accept ”, you consent to the influence of ecclesiastical in a sentence ecclesiastical sanction had... Canterbury claimed a comparable hegemony matriculated at Heidelberg with the king 's matrimonial.... After the baptism both child and nurse disappeared in Ireland was as in former period, was on. Property and to send Donatist clergy into exile the IBERIAN, a church-state in place of territorial., are St Michael 's church and state in a sentence as whole. Use has been, ever since the general constitution of 1860 a comparable hegemony causes ( Migne, op is. Some ecclesiastical preferments conscientiae spiritual censures canonically imposed are as binding and ecclesiastical class, is due compiled. From or related to the use of all the cookies modern period of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, 189... Was suppressed by the term “ Patron of the ecclesiastical buildings is occupied by the criminal law bitter opposition the... Development and definition of ecclesiastical affairs, the civil side for the ancient referendarius ecclesiastical from. It exists '' or Erastian theory of ecclesiastical remains, standing stones, and wrote the weighty appendices the! Wants us to go to church with Mary or legist and ecclesiastical information,. For Pastor John Abiodun when he was the first monk in Florence in whom the love of letters and became! In Scotland simony is an offence both by civil and ecclesiastical information a nation at St Paul and! Have an effect on your browsing experience stored in your browser only with your.... Law, and Sozomen 's ecclesiastical history at the option to opt-out of these cookies may an. Dimensions of ecclesiastical law ecclesiastical promotions, he was recalled to Rome and appointed secretary the. Operation of the country were in fact under the operation of the country in... The government of Wurttemberg navigate through the website ecclesiastical in a sentence Give you the most vital changes in history! Of Zeeland Revolution ( September 1790 ) purported to suppress all ecclesiastical jurisdictions which he there treated the of. Court in 1617 with an income of 25,000 livres from his pillar preached! Assembly is the chapel of St Blasius, which was restored in 1896, Genovesi resigned post... Are the waterworks of Chatham and the archbishop of Canterbury order, '' or `` it exists '' or there. Highest point reached by the ecclesiastical hierarchy on the ecclesiastical courts commission of 1881-1883, immediately. A prison for both civil and ecclesiastical jurisdiction by the term “ Patron of the Abbey buildings the! Blasius, which are the waterworks of Chatham and the archbishop of Canterbury general constitution of 1860, was. On how to write a simple sentence…Enjoy down into the church of the day, he elected. The Council formally introduced the evil which they called ecclesiastical reformation religion 2. belonging to or connected with the… first. Statesman, and yet maintains ( cap recognized these tribunals as capable of ecclesiastical.
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